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Why is water dripping from the ceiling or from an outside pipe?

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

The reason why the water is dripping from the ceiling or pipe is because the primary drain line that is attached to the evaporator coil or air handler drain pan is clogged. Clogging is a sign the primary drain line needs to be cleared either at the unit or the p-trap under the bathroom sink. When you schedule us to service your drain lines the technician will shoot a blast of nitrogen through the pipes. This process should only be done with a licensed professional. Having routine maintenance does not ensure you won't experience another clog. Once the drain lines have algae spores the problem will happen again if left untreated with algae tablets, otherwise know as "pan tabs". Pan tabs come in different shapes and sizes an is usually at the preference of the contractor installing. We us tablets that are placed inside the drain pan once the clog is cleared and the water is draining. The water saturates the tablets and releases the algae fighting medicine to continuously treat your drain lines. Customers have been know to pour bleach in the drain lines. This does work if you remember to do this process regularly. In my opinion it's easier for me to call Neighbors AC out for my ac tune ups because the pan tabs are included with the service.

  • How does a clog happen?

Clogs happen and it is fairly common. Debris from the filters not being replaced on a regular schedule can cause drain issues. Attic particles such as insulation, dust, rodent waste, bugs, and plastic to name a few that can and will clog the secondary drain line.

HVAC system without routine maintenance is just asking for problems like this.

  • How often should the HVAC maintenance be performed?

Your air conditioning and heating system needs to be maintained twice annually. One spring / summer tune up for cooling and one fall / winter tune up for heating.

No matter how many systems you have on your home, each central air system will need to have routine maintenance. With a routine check up bi-annually we will a full evaluation of your HVAC system and that does include the drains.

We are currently running a special for 2023's spring/summer cooling tune-ups.

Get yours scheduled before 6/15 and only pay $129 per system.

PIE memberships are available, see our website for more information.


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